Under the hood improvements for your customer's online portal experience

We're just as excited as ever to tell you about the latest Fusion update. This time around, we put a heavy focus on improving one of the most highly used areas of Fusion: your portal. These improvements aren't necessarily ones you can see, but trust us when we say you're going to feel them! Watch the video above to hear it straight from Graham, and Bruno - two of our developers who have played an important part in laying the ground work in 3.8.5 for what's to come down the line with online program registrations. To view the full release notes, click here.

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With a release that's packed with as many great features as this one, we expect a lot of clients will be eager to get their hands on it. Please bear with our DevOps team as they will respond to you as quickly as possible to schedule your update.

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3.7 Webinar

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Want to see these new features in action? Join us for a live webinar with the Fusion Education team where we'll walk you through all of these great changes from both the administrator, and customer perspectives.

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Date: October 19th, 2021
Time: 3:00pm EST, 12:00pm PST

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