Become a Certified Fusion Champ!

The Fusion Champ Series is an online series of certification courses where we take clients and turn them into champions.

What is the Fusion
Champ Series?

The Fusion Champ Series (FCS) offers in-depth training and knowledge
on area specific modules of Fusion in a blended learning setting.

Become a Fusion Expert
at your institution

Students walking through facility turnstiles


We know a lot goes into managing your facilities, but Fusion is here to make it as easy as possible! Join us for our Facilities, Occupancy, and Access Management course to learn more about how Fusion can help you manage these areas.
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A person taping a credit card on a payment terminal

Point of Sale

Price categories, payment methods, revenue reporting and money money money- let’s dive in to best utilize and understand how Fusion handles sales. Focus areas for this course include best practices for tiered prices, best reporting practices and tips & tricks for Point of Sale operations.
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Diverse group of people doing fitness activities


Programmers unite! Join this course to learn programming best practices from us and your programming peers, including how to utilize all of the new program features released in version 3.9 of Fusion. With so many new features to cover, this is a course you don't want to miss!
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University staff working at the front counter

Member Management

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and take an in-depth look at Fusion from their side! Focus areas for this course will include managing the Member Portal, Member & User Accounts, and communication avenues.
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Student checking out towels at a counter


We're serving you, our Champions, in this Services focused course! Take this course for an overview of how to build, manage, and report on Membership, Towel, and Locker Services.
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Fitness gear on the floor

Products & Equipment

Come check-out our Products & Equipment course for an in-depth overview on building and managing Products, Equipment, and Hotkey Profiles.
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Go from novice to expert in 3 sessions

With the guidance of the Education team, the courses look deep into the configuration and management of Fusion. Go from novice to expert throughout 3 sessions of learning, where you'll take part in lessons, complete activities alongside other Fusion users, and leave the course with an official certification of being a Fusion champ in the course module.
A women holding a laptop while thinking about becoming a Fusion Champ
Staff using Fusion to assist students

Who can take a course in the Fusion Champ Series?

The Fusion Champ Series is open to any one who is looking to gain more experience with Fusion, whether you're an active client or a new professional hoping to add Fusion experience to your resume.

The series is best suited for someone with at least a basic understanding of Fusion. While the courses will dive deep into the configuration, management, and processes of the module it is focusing on, participants will be expected to have a general understanding of how to navigate the software.

What Can You Expect?

By taking courses within the Fusion Champ Series, you will...

Become an Expert

Develop in-depth knowledge of Fusion features to become your institution's Fusion Champion

Troubleshoot Efficiently

Identify key problem solving techniques to assist your institution with training and troubleshooting of Fusion

Get Certified

Obtain certifications in different Fusion feature sets to aid in future professional development opportunities

Just like these Champs!

Pat Langendorfer
Syracuse University
"This was a great course! As someone who has used Fusion for several years, I really appreciated a fresh look at the functionality of existing areas as well as an in-depth dive into some of the newer features. The course was well-organized, engaging, and allowed for conversation with other professionals to learn how other organizations use the software. I was able to take away several new goals on ways to interact with our members and improve their overall experience, along with the tools to be successful in those goals."
Andrea Wood
University of California, Riverside
"I just completed three Fusion Champ Courses and feel so much more confident in my abilities in Fusion. Loved the energy of the instructors and the Teachable platform was easy to use and is really helpful to refer back to as needed. The activities and projects really gave me some hands-on practice in implementing what I learned. Can't wait to put this all into practice!"

Course Curriculum

  • Live, instructor led live lessons on Fusion features that will provide an in-depth overview of feature terminology, purpose, configuration, and use cases
  • Access to a sandbox instance of Fusion to use throughout the course
  • Knowledge check-in’s to ensure information is being retained
  • Opportunities to interact with and learn from other Fusion users from other institutions
  • A final project where you will present your learnings to others and, in turn, be able to implement new ideas and features at your institution
Group video call with an instructor
Overview of what's included in the Fusion Champ Series bundle

Time Commitment

  • 3 virtual workshop sessions- 2.5 hours in length, over the course of 3 weeks or enroll in an accelerated option to complete 3 sessions within 1 week
  • Optional content to watch on your own schedule for continuous learning
  • 6-8 hours of individual work outside of the sessions including:
    • Quizzes & homework after each virtual session to test your knowledge
    • Final project in relation to the course which will be presented at the final session

Hear it from our Grads

Megan Choiniere
University of Nebraska Omaha
"Participating in the Fusion Champ Series allowed me to get updates and reminders on areas of Fusion I have not looked at since implementation. This allowed me to streamline some processes for myself and my student staff."
Catie Payne
University of North Carolina Greensboro
"With overseeing a new program area that does a great deal of all things equipment checkout and inventory, this course proved to be just what I needed when building new standard operating procedures for all of the new staff I oversee."
Demi Rafuls
University of Miami
"The Member Management course went above and beyond what I even expected. It is essential for anyone looking to improve their member experience."

Fusion Workshops

Love the Champ Series but don't have time for a full 3-session course? We have the perfect option for you! We are happy to introduce Fusion Workshops—a comprehensive and interactive learning experiences designed to offer best practices, tips, and tricks all in a single day.

New in 2024

  • A single, 2.5 hour session that will focus on one module of Fusion
  • Live session, led by an experienced Fusion trainer
  • Interact and network with experts from other institutions to learn other practices within the industry
A man taking notes while watching an online course
Agreement Billing
We will cover how members can manage their payment options, communication and email template tips, how to manage declines and update information, and recommended reporting options to get the numbers you need. This workshop is best suited for individuals who already utilize Agreement Billing and recurring payments within Fusion.
Multi-Visit Passes
Modernize those physical punch passes today in the Multi-Visit Pass module of Fusion. We will cover how to configure, redeem, manage and report on the use of Multi-Visit Passes and ensure they are only being redeemed as needed for services such as personal training, private swim lessons, or facility visits.
Calendars & Scheduling
“Reminder: Fusion Champ Series workshop starts in 15 minutes”. Want to learn more about why it’s beneficial to use Facility Activity Types, how to print agendas, how to manage closures, and how to communicate space availability? Mark your calendars for this workshop to learn more about Fusion Calendars.
Education Team Photo
The Education Team

Check back for new courses

More courses and offerings will be made available throughout the year. Check back often to see which new courses are available!