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Fusion Wave raises the bar when it comes to digital signage. Your look, your information, your news and events — all presented beautifully and updated in real time.

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Fusion Wave is a customized digital information hub that will keep your visitors engaged by bringing your facility’s day-to-day into the here and now.

Calculate real ROI with Fusion Wave's built in analytics which track QR code scans and registrations.
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What if...

You could increase engagement for classes by automatically promoting them with an easy to scan registration QR code?
Real-time facility occupancy counts were displayed, helping visitors decide where to go?
Schedule updates and changes made in Fusion were instantly broadcasted across your facility?

All eyes on you

Custom Themes

Apply your brand specific color combinations to all of Fusion Wave's widgets in seconds.

Theme settings for customizing widget brand colours

Program Marketing

Wave automatically promotes classes and programs and makes registration as easy as a QR code scan.

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Upgrade Your Signage

Hear it from our clients

Alexis (Student)
University of New Hampshire
"It allows me to find scheduled physical activities that I would not otherwise know about."
Edwin (Rec Professional)
Duke University
"We’re going to reach the populations we usually can't reach."
Dakota (Student)
Middle Tennessee State
"I saw a kayaking program advertised that I'm going to go back and look into."
Mallory (Student Staff)
Middle Tennessee State
"It answers so many customer questions for me about reservations and capacity in our different zones."

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