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If you like offering recurring monthly memberships, saved payment options, and eliminating employee error - you've come to the right place.

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Integrated Payments

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Help ensure the health and safety of staff and customers by going touchless with payments.
Reduce and potentially eliminate staff and customer contact with your terminals.
Supports popular payment types like Tap to Pay and ApplePay.


PCI-verified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) guards data and reduces your department's PCI scope.
Store tokens in place of customer credit card details that are useless to potential data thieves.
All transactions tracked via robust audit trails.
Payment information stored securely in a vault
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Support monthly recurring billing for memberships both online and in person.
Enjoy quicker transactions when members save their payment card on their profiles to use for future purchases both in person and online.
With one simple click, staff can process monthly billing batches.


Let Fusion do the talking to your terminals, eliminating manual amount entry.
Streamline nightly reconciliation and view transaction records.
Run your operations error-free and keep the books balanced.

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PCI PTS 5.X Certified