In a League of its Own

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Whether a participant knows exactly what they want to enjoy or are looking for something new, Fusion Play makes it easy to find an activity to join.

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Lead the League

You've spoken, and we've listened. League administrators want speed, flexibility, and information at a glance. Play delivers.

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Laptop displaying Fusion Play Admin CMS

It's Game Time

On the court or on the field. Fusion Play puts your frontline staff in scoring position to manage all aspects of the match.

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Why We’re
Looking to Play

Back in Fall 2019 we wanted to invest more time and people into enhancing FusionIM. Before we got started coding, we wanted to take a pulse check of our progress so far and if we were headed in the same direction as the IM industry. We travelled to visit 4 different universities and got to connect with student participants and staff for the first time. We uncovered many problems students were encountering that we weren't expecting.

When we got home, we started dreaming of how we could better help students get and stay connected with activities being offered by Intramural Sports. Fusion Play was born out of these dreams and is a culmination of all the feedback received for FusionIM over the years. The Fusion Play journey is just beginning and will evolve over time as we shift with the needs of you, your program, staff, and participants.

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Hear it from our clients

Reid Jackson (Rec Professional)
Baylor University
"Fusion Play is the real deal!  We finally get a product that is both admin friendly and student/user friendly! The students will love the ease of having the app and the admin feature and great design make scheduling and running leagues a breeze"
Andrew Kuchem (Rec Professional)
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
"Our campus is really excited to use Fusion Play this year. They’ve taken the time to create and program an app that meets the needs of our students, staff and administration.  Not only does everything look sharp, but it's easy to use. To top it off, the Fusion Play team is always willing to help and they will actually listen."
Doug Ream (Rec Professional)
Eastern Kentucky University
"Fusion Play is the next step forward in intramural sports software and anyone not using it is making their lives harder. Get it now!"
Scott Lotze (Rec Professional)
Bucknell University
"So far so good. Obviously with any new app/website there are always going to be bumps in the road, but happy with the results so far. Looking forward to the next big update when we can have more utilization within Fusion Play!"
Dan Payne (Rec Professional)
Middle Tennessee State
"I scheduled 45 minutes to train my staff on the staff app and it only took me 10!"
Josh Hale (Rec Professional)
University of Texas- Arlington
"The students were hesitant about Fusion Play at first. Now, they are bought in! They love how easy it is to send team invites, register for leagues, and get checked in for their games."