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Fusion Play features 3 unique components that integrate together to create a seamless experience; putting the admin, the participant and your staff at the forefront of the game. Wondering what Fusion Play can do for your program? Schedule a demo now and get in the game!

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Player App

Fusion Play streamlines intramurals, letting users create and manage teams, join divisions as Free Agents, view their team schedules and manage team rosters all in one app.

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Staff App

Put your staff in scoring position with the staff app! Staff can easily update scores, track check-ins and game statuses at the click of a button, and direct participants to their court or field in no time.

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Admin CMS

Administrators gain complete control over all of your activities, schedules and participants from the content management system. Enjoy flexibility in your program structure and announcements to send information to your participants in real time.

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Simplify Your Scheduling

Hear it from our clients

Cierra Abbott
Western Colorado University
| Assistant Director of Campus Recreation
"The largest impact on our sign-up to game day retention has to be the push notification feature! By having a notification pop up on the students' phones, they have been much more responsive in terms of letting me know if a game time doesn't work, if they won't be able to make it, and ensuring they actually check the schedule! There are many amazing features, but I would say this has been the one to make the biggest impact on our participation numbers!"
Reid Jackson
Baylor University
"Fusion Play is the real deal!  We finally get a product that is both admin friendly and student/user friendly! The students will love the ease of having the app and the admin feature and great design make scheduling and running leagues a breeze"
Andrew Kuchem
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
"Our campus is really excited to use Fusion Play this year. They’ve taken the time to create and program an app that meets the needs of our students, staff and administration.  Not only does everything look sharp, but it's easy to use. To top it off, the Fusion Play team is always willing to help and they will actually listen."

QNA With Clients

Can you tell us about your implementation process and the process of getting your staff and participants on-boarded?

The implementation process was honestly a breeze with Fusion Play. The admin side of the system is very intuitive. For my staff, the training on the Staff App was also very easy. After one interactive training with a test league, my staff was using the app to its full potential. The check-in process and ability to sign a waiver from our Staff iPad also made our game-day operations much smoother. The feedback we have received from students on the player app has also been overwhelmingly positive! It has been much easier to use for students, especially with the single sign-on abilities! 

What's the one thing you would tell another school about why they should switch to Fusion Play?

Simply put, Fusion Play is a professional and clean product that no other platform is able to provide. The CMS is well designed and straight-forward, and the app is a game changer for students - push notification reminders, and easy access to team management!

Can you tell us about the Player App and how your students/participants have responded to it?

We have had nothing but positive feedback from students regarding the app! The students love that it is an actual app instead of a website. Additionally, the app is structured in a way that students can maneuver it and find the information they need with ease.

What has it been like using a system that is three parts? How has each part helped the population that it's meant to serve?

The three-part system is highly synchronized and works in unison to achieve the desired result. The CMS is easy to navigate and allows all administrators to have a clean hub from which to work and manage leagues. The staff app has allowed our staff to longer use their smartphones or paper as we have transitioned solely to iPad use. The Player App gets the activities in the literal hands of the students for easy access and management. Since all three are connected, changes made in one area are seamlessly made in another as well.

What has your overall experience with Fusion Play been like so far?

Fusion Play has been such a great addition to our program. It checks all our boxes and continues to exceed our expectations. Brooke and her team are constantly communicating with us and ensure that our needs and wants for it are met. If they're not met immediately, they're put on the board for a future update. The benefit of joining Fusion Play is that you actually have a voice in how it can continue to improve and grow.

What's your favorite part of Fusion Play?

Do I have to pick one? Personally, I love how quick I can get through scheduling our leagues. I also LOVE the check in process that our students get knowing what every student looks like on each roster. The push notification is also a game changer!

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