In a league of Its Own

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Whether a participant knows exactly what they want to enjoy or are looking for something new, Fusion Play makes it easy to find an activity to join.

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Lead the League

You've spoken, and we've listened. League administrators want speed, flexibility, and information at a glance. Play delivers.

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It's Game Time

On the court or on the field. Fusion Play puts your frontline staff in scoring position to manage all aspects of the match.

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Why We’re
Looking to Play

Back in Fall 2019 we wanted to invest more time and people into enhancing FusionIM. Before we got started coding, we wanted to take a pulse check of our progress so far and if we were headed in the same direction as the IM industry. We travelled to visit 4 different universities and got to connect with student participants and staff for the first time. We uncovered many problems students were encountering that we weren't expecting.

When we got home, we started dreaming of how we could better help students get and stay connected with activities being offered by Intramural Sports. Fusion Play was born out of these dreams and is a culmination of all the feedback received for FusionIM over the years. The Fusion Play journey is just beginning and will evolve over time as we shift with the needs of you, your program, staff, and participants.

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Frequently Asked

Is FusionIM being rebranded as Fusion Play?

No, Fusion Play is a new and separate product.

How will FusionIM be supported?

We will continue to provide support for FusionIM through our Support and Education teams. At this time we do not have plans for discontinuing support for FusionIM. It will take some time for us to ramp up features in Fusion Play, so FusionIM support may continue for several years into the future.

Will FusionIM receive updates in the future?

We will not be building any new functionality for FusionIM, however we will still work on fixes for issues that may appear during a season.

How does this affect my current FusionIM contract?

Your FusionIM contract will remain intact until you decide to transition to Fusion Play. We will have more specifics around pricing as well as what will be grandfathered in, in the spring of 2022.

When will Fusion Play be available and how much will it cost?

We will have an initial version of Fusion Play available for the Fall 2022 season. We do not currently have pricing set, but we will have more details coming soon.

What features will be available in Fusion Play at launch?

We have many basic admin functions already built (such as creating Leagues, managing teams, creating schedules) as well as some of the participant app. The full list of features available for Fall 2022 will evolve over the winter and spring as we receive feedback from the IM community. We should have a much better idea of the full breakdown by the summer. Sign-up for the newsletter to receive regular updates on what we are working on!

How can I provide feedback or get involved?

We'd love to hear from you! Sign-up for our newsletter below to be contacted for feedback opportunities like interviews, surveys, user testing or beta testing.

Does Fusion Play have an app?

Yes, Fusion Play will have a mobile app that both participants and staff will use. Fusion Play will need to be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores to be used. Administrators will have a separate website that will be used for all configuration and management. Signup for our newsletter to receive regular updates on what we are working on!

How is Fusion Play different than the FusionGO app?

Fusion Play is an app fully dedicated to the Intramural Sports experience. This includes registration, management of a team, communicating with teammates and keeping track of games.

How is Fusion Play different than FusionIM?

We have put a lot of emphasis on the student participant and staff mobile experience. To do this, we will be using a mobile app rather than a website for participants and staff, which will allow for features like push notifications. Using new technology also means we will be able to ship new features or fixes more frequently.

Do I need Fusion to use Fusion Play?

Yes, Fusion Play will require connection to an instance of Fusion.