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Our Vision

A purpose-driven centralized platform that is adaptable for all club sports departments.

Simplified Club Management

Intuitive ways for students to sign up for clubs by transparently providing them with up-to-date information.

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Efficient Workflows

Systematic ways for club admins to decide on actions made by student officers.

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Will Fusion Club be a mobile application users are required to download?

No, Fusion Club will be a web application that can be deployed from any website that students and admins currently go to to for their club sports needs and can be accessed on any device (smart phones, tablet, desktop) on a supported browser

Who will have access to Fusion Club?

Students and staff who have school accredited email addresses and single sign on credentials

How are coaches going to use Fusion Club?

Coaches won’t have access to the platform, but admins will be able to store their contracts, certificates, waivers, and other documents on their profile. Their contact information can be shared and made available to their teams roster

How will participants be able to login to Fusion Club?

Students and staff will be authenticated using their institution’s single sign-on that they use across campus

Will it be easy for students to register for clubs?

Absolutely! Students will be able to browse all of your club sports offerings and be equipped with all of the up-to-date information they need in order to make a decision to join. Once they are ready, they just have to sign in using their organization’s email address and single sign-on credentials.