Your customers are the most important part of your business, and we know it. That's why we dedicated this release to develop features that make your customers experience delightful from account creation to the shopping cart.

Please note: This update requires new prerequisites and includes major changes to your portal.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how we've added a new sign-up experience for your portal including admin controls on what fields are required, and a modern, seamless experience for your customers that no longer requires activation. In addition, customers now have the ability to edit their information from within their profile to ensure it's accurate and up to date.

Outside of account sign up and management, we've included a few features at your request. This includes the ability to control which waivers can be accepted online to assist with vaccination tracking, and also the most requested feature on the ideas portal of linking to individual Multi-Visit Pass categories. Your vote truly matters!

Watch our educational videos below to learn more about the features, and how to best prepare for your update. If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes in this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.

What to Expect When Updating

It all starts with a great first impression. We've revamped the sign-up process, made it easier to sign in for local users, and have given the power to the customer to edit their profile and dependent information online. Watch our video to learn about how these new features will affect you. Additionally, we share recommendations on how to implement them for your customers.

For detailed instructions on how each feature works, from both the customer and administrator perspective, read on!

Fast, Seamless, & Customizable Account Sign-Up

Customer account creation in seconds

Creating a new account should be effortless and efficient, not a source of headaches. We've completely redone the sign-up experience, featuring a stepper tool that only collects necessary information to get your customer started faster than ever. We've removed the activation email allowing your customer to create their account in just a few clicks.

Customer Onboarding Process

The control is in your hands

You've spoken, and we've heard. Every institution has different policies on what information should be required upon sign-up. Administrators now have the ability to select which fields are required during the sign up process, including date of birth and gender. Need to explain why a field is required? We've got you covered! Help the customer along the way with customizable supporting text for required fields.

Sign Up Module Controls

Account Profile Management

The power is with the customer

We've empowered the customer to allow them to edit their account information online without having to contact an administrator. They can now add in additional information not required at sign-up, edit preferred name or gender to show staff how they'd like to be identified, or remove that old high school email they no longer have access to. Customers can also manage their dependents accounts and information to ensure accuracy for upcoming registrations.

Customer Profile View

Control the customer experience

Not quite ready to pass over complete control? Administrators will have the ability to decide which fields can be added, removed, or edited from within the account profile. Imports will still bring in demographic information from your institution, but will not override changes made on fields such as gender. See our educational video for more information on how imports affect profile management.

Profile View Controls

Sign in with Email or Username

Can't remember your username? Local users will now have the ability to log in with their email or username on the sign-in screen. This new function will be automatic for newly created accounts. To activate existing accounts: users replace their username with the email tied to their account and input their existing password. They can now utilize either their username or email to sign in. To avoid any disruption, any emails currently set as a username will still be usable after this switch is made.

Enhanced Waiver Controls for Vaccination Tracking

We've kept an eye on state and provincial mandates and have adapted our waiver settings to accommodate better practices for vaccination tracking. New member portal settings have been added to waivers that allow you to control facility access with waivers once vaccination has been proven in-person, without the worry of that waiver prompting online. Not tracking vaccinations? No worries! This feature can be utilized with general facility access waivers across Fusion.

Waiver Controls
Person signing a Covid 19 waiver

Your Vote Matters!

Multi-visit pass categories on member portal

Your ideas truly matter. We took the top idea on the ideas portal and put it into action! You can now link to individual categories for multi-visit passes on the member portal.

Did you vote for this idea? Thank you! Your votes will be released back to you to apply to other feature ideas you think are most important.

Our new Fusion Product  Manager, Nina Farro, will be using her industry experience and knowledge to bring your ideas to the attention of our developers for future releases.

Submit an Idea

Schedule Your Update

With a release that's packed with as many great features as this one, we expect a lot of clients will be eager to get their hands on it. Please bear with our DevOps team as they will respond to you as quickly as possible to schedule your update.

Don't like waiting? Consider switching to InnoSoft hosting to take advantage of our new hosting environment. InnoSoft hosting will allow for faster updates, among other planned performance benefits. If we host your servers, you're already on your way to enjoying the benefits listed.

3.7 Webinar

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Want to see these new features in action? Join us for a live webinar with the Fusion Education team where we'll walk you through all of these great changes from both the administrator, and customer perspectives.

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Date: October 19th, 2021
Time: 3:00pm EST, 12:00pm PST

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Virtual Fitness is something many of our Fusion family members have expressed interest in. To support this path of engagement, we've partnered with Intelivideo. Through this partnership, we are building an integration with the Intelivideo system. This integration will be accessed through the Fusion member portal and provide a seamless experience for your users. Stay tuned for more details coming later this fall.

Fitness videos being played on Intelivideo

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