Features focused on building smiles.

As a company, we set some big goals for 2021. One of those goals was to make sure we kept the experience of Fusion end-users (students, community members, staff, parents, etc.) front and center in everything we create. We believe access to recreation should be a frictionless experience. Signup should be easy, bookings and purchases should happen with a click. And as professional staff, you should have an easy way to connect with those new to your facility. Fusion v3.6 supports this goal.

Read on to see how we've tackled issues with bots, enhanced booking options further, and optimized member records for lightning-fast results. Our imports now support preferred names, which means K will feel more welcome when she's greeted at your facility. The new account view equals better customer service and a stronger first impression. You've placed your trust in us as the first point of contact with your customers, and as you'll see with this release and the ones that will follow later in the year, we're committed to making it a great one.

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Any votes that were cast for features added in this update will be released back to voters. Make sure you check out the Ideas Portal to reassign these votes to something new. We love hearing from you, so please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section of Ideas.

If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes in this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.

Anti-Bot Measures

Bots got your spots?

Tired of bots booking all of your reservation slots before your customers? We've added Google reCAPTCHA to both Programs and Bookings to bust the bots. If Google senses a bot, it will prompt a check to block their attempt. Your regular customers will not be affected, and will be able to book their time slot without automated competition.

reCAPTCHA For Programs/Bookings


Bookings are on a roll

Don't want to wake up at midnight to reserve your time slot? We've added hourly rolling booking controls which allow you to open time slots in hourly increments before the start time, such as 24 or 48 hours. Upcoming time slots that are not yet open will still appear, and inform your customers when registration will open.

Hourly Bookings

Cancellation Confirmed

Never miss a notification. Customers will now be notified via email when they cancel their booking time slot as an extra assurance that their cancellation was confirmed.

Booking Cancellation Emails
A customer looking at a booking cancellation notification in a park

Member Management

Look at that view!

Have you ever wanted to see newly created accounts or communicate with new customers? We've added a New Accounts view which allows you to see detailed information about accounts that were created online or in-person. Easily email new accounts, and assist members with account activation all with the click of a button.

New Accounts View

Your name is IMPORTant

We're building off of preferred name features added in version 3.3, and have added the ability to import into the preferred name field. Connect with your customers by addressing them by their preferred name, and have it displayed front and center on their profile.

Preferred Name Import

Performance is in the details

We've made some adjustments to member details within their profile to improve performance and allow for better organization. New date filters have been added to assist with data viewing and reporting.


Check in for an extended stay.

We've made enhancements to our login token which now applies to all portal links. Now, no matter what links you have in your app, whether to MVP's, memberships, etc., any navigation between different areas of the portal from within the app will use the same login token as program and class registration, reducing your re-logging in and extending your login to more areas.

Techy Stuff

Select * from [Any Table]

Get the data you need, when you need it. We've opened up all tables to Query Builder and have enhanced our Query Builder resources. New to query building? Check out our video for an overview on how our Query Builder tool works and what you need to do to get started.

Tables Available to Query BuilderQB Database DiagramsSample Queries

Et tu, Brute Force Login?

Keep your workstations secure with new Fusion lock out procedures. We're meeting PCI standards by adding login attempt lock outs if a user enters an incorrect password too many times. Added messaging and forgot password reset options will ensure your front-line workers can get the help they need, and keep unwanted users from getting in.

Account Lockout Functionality

Oh! Auth!

We've added support for OAuth 2.0 for Microsoft's SMTP service (OAuth support for Google was added in v3.5.1). Microsoft and Google are both planning to sunset older authentications this year; work with your campus IT to update your SMTP authentication if needed.

How to Configure and Test SMTP Mail Settings

A look at what the future holds

First impressions matter

Better serve your customers with an enhanced online experience. We're making the account creation process much smoother for your new customers by going to the basics while allowing you to determine which fields are most important. We're committed to ensuring that your new customers have a seamless experience from the minute they create their account to checking out, and it all starts with the details.

A little change goes a long way

What's the perfect pairing for a streamlined account creation process? We think it's a sleek new online profile experience for your customers. We're revamping this area to make it easier for your customers to access receipts, renew their services and review their family records.

Keep your ear to the ground

We've got a new product underway!

Must see TV

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