New features just in the nick of time!

As 2020 draws to a close and we reflect on the past year, we could have never imagined the need to build features into Fusion that would keep people active while distanced from one another. Each feature was developed with staff and customers top of mind, and this latest version is no exception. In this newest release, we've added the ability to display and edit occupancy counts on the member portal as well as an even smoother check-in process for both Bookings and Programs by Schedule. We've also added additional functionality to Programs by Schedule, so members can now register for a class after it has begun. We're excited about what this release means to both your staff and customers, and how your operations can continue to run safely, simply and smoothly.

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If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes in this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.


The numbers don't lie

Your facility may have different spaces without a live access device to track occupancy, so how can you display how busy they are to your members? Easy! Your member portal. Now you can display and edit the occupancy counts of different spaces right on the member portal, even if they don't have an access device associated with them. Simply edit and update occupancy counts on the member portal, so your members know just how busy the weight room is before they decide to get a workout in.

Edit Live Occupancy Count on the Member Portal


Even easier and breezier check-ins

Have a general look up device connected to your computer? It can now be used to easily check in members when they arrive for their booking. Simply tap, scan or swipe and members will be checked in for their booking slot in seconds.

Utilizing Booking Manager


A quicker check-in experience

Using the Fusion client for Program check-in and have a general look up device hooked up to your computer? If so, your check-ins just got faster. With a tap, scan or swipe, members can be quickly checked in and on their way to class.Ditch the long line ups at the front desk if you're using Programs by Schedule for facility access reservations, and checking members in via the Fusion client. This added functionality will make member check-in a breeze with a quick tap, scan or swipe.

How to Check In Members for a Program by Schedule

Class is in session

Members running a little late but hoping they can hop into the HIIT class that just started? Now they can! Give your members the ability to register in person or online for a class that has already begun. In each Program by Schedule, set how long after a class begins that a member can still register. Fill classes while decreasing disruptions.

How to Configure a Program by Schedule
An alarm clock indicating late program registration


Be in the know while on the GO

Empower your members to make informed activity choices at any time with the new facility occupancy count that's natively inside your FusionGO app. Whether they're hopping on the treadmill for a quick run or getting a lifting session in, they'll be able to see just how busy a space is right at their fingertips.

Animation of live facility occupancy

A look at what the future holds

First impressions matter

Better serve your customers with an enhanced online experience. We're making the account creation process much smoother for your new customers by going to the basics while allowing you to determine which fields are most important. We're committed to ensuring that your new customers have a seamless experience from the minute they create their account to checking out, and it all starts with the details.

A little change goes a long way

What's the perfect pairing for a streamlined account creation process? We think it's a sleek new online profile experience for your customers. We're revamping this area to make it easier for your customers to access receipts, renew their services and review their family records.