Out with the old, in with the new!

This year has brought with it some unique challenges and has forced us to think about business operations in a new way. We embraced the challenge and quickly got to work, crafting some new features, so your staff are prepared to welcome members back safely, and members can easily access your facility. With the new Bookings feature, formerly Court Reservations, along with the brand new customer-facing live facility occupancy counts on the member portal, this release is packed with helpful solutions to keep your operations running safely and smoothly.

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If you are looking for an at-a-glance list of all additions, changes or fixes in this version of Fusion, please see our Release Notes article.

Facility Access

Members Can Count on You

Your facility may have a constant ebb and flow of visitors, so why not let your members know? Members can easily check how busy your facility is with the new live facility occupancy count on your organization's member portal. This dedicated page is fully integrated on the member portal and will update every 5 minutes as members enter and exit at your pre-configured access points. Whether it's quiet this hour or busy the next, your members can be in the know and decide when they'd like to visit.

How to Configure and Manage Your Facilities


An All New Booking Experience

Say farewell to Court Reservations, and hello to Bookings. Your staff now have more flexibility to determine the availability and length of bookings. Need 30 minutes in between time slots to prepare the facility before the next booking? It's now possible. Configuring your booking products has now become a lot more flexible.

How to Configure Bookings (Admin)

A Simple Click is All it Takes

Introducing the new (and beautiful, if we may say so ourselves) Bookings page on the member portal. A welcome change from its predecessor, bookings will now become easier for your members. Navigate to the preferred booking product and with one simple click, a member can book their time slot for facility access or an equipment item. Whether your members are at home or on the go, a simple click (or tap) is all it takes.

How to Book and Manage a Booking (Member)

Easy-breezy Check-ins

Everything you need to manage bookings is now at your fingertips. Booking Manager is a one-stop-shop, enabling staff to manage member check-in, time slot cancellations, and much more. When a pre-registered member arrives, simply click 'Check In' on their name. Keeping track of who has arrived and who may still be on their way is now simpler.

Utilizing Booking Manager

Which Reservation Method Should I Use?

Every organization is different, so we made it easy for you to understand the similarities and differences between Programs by Schedule and Bookings for space reservations. Check out the video to help you determine which option meets your needs.


Registration Forms Are Here

Say goodbye to Google Forms! Questionnaires can now be used as registration forms when added to a sport. Collect custom information such as gaming usernames, availability or preferred contact information from participants during registration. Easily connect opposing teams by setting which information can be shared with each Captain. Gone are the days of staff playing messenger.

Goodbye Lines, Hello Quick Check-in!

Have multiple games starting in the same place? Reduce check-in stress and long lines with the new Quick Check-in window on Game Day. Search for participants playing on the pre-selected date and with one click, they're checked in.

And Much More...

We've got more coming your way, so check out the FusionIM Release Notes to learn about all the other additions and changes.

A look at what the future holds

Scan to Check In for Bookings

What's easier than a one tap booking process? Scanning to check in for the booking! Whether it will be for a reservation time slot or session like personal training, guests will be able to use their membership card or FusionGO app to check in instantaneously.

Scan to Check In for Programs by Schedule

Using Programs by Schedule for reservations? No need to be envious of Booking Manager! We are also looking to add check-in scans to Programs by Schedule. This will not only help reservations, but also regular classes too! Let your instructors focus on engaging participants, and leave the check-ins to Fusion.

Flexible Program Registration

Programs by Schedule is getting an upgrade! Customers will be able to register for a spot even if the slot has already started. If you are using Programs by Schedule to handle visitor reservations, this will allow customers to jump into a time slot that is already in progress. Only using Programs by Schedule for group fit classes? Customers will be able to register themselves as a drop-in, and not interrupt the class.

Improved Performance

The back end of program check-in will be upgraded to handle the increased customer load for those using Programs by Schedule for visitor reservations.