New Program Experience in 3.9

We know Programs is a core area for all of our clients, so we are excited to share this new release of Fusion that focuses on making the Program experience enjoyable from start to finish. Whether it's a parent registering their child for camp, or a student signing up for group fitness classes, these features were designed with your users in mind.

From an overhauled registration experience that allows users to multi-select offerings and dependents, to only having to sign the waiver once for multiple offerings within a registration, signing up for programs has never been quicker. We've also made filtering your programs search a breeze with the ability to multi-select classifications and the addition of tags.

In addition to these exciting new program features, we've enhanced existing functionality for user account creation, including removing the requirement to assign a gender and assigning a default eligibility.

Keep scrolling to read more about how these features will enhance your users' experience and schedule your update today! Click here for full release notes.

What to Expect When Updating

We've packed a lot of exciting new features into this release! Watch this video for an overview of what you can expect out of version 3.9. For more detailed instructions on the admin and user experience for these features, keep scrolling!

3.9 Update Steps for Success


Redesigned Program Registration experience

Secure your spot in no time! We've added the ability to multi-select offerings and dependents and a stepper to let users know where they are in the registration process. We have also made it so items like waivers, custom prompts, and emergency contacts only need to be completed once!

How to Register for a Program Online

Improved Program Management
for Administrators

Promoting programs and boosting registrations has never been easier with Featured Programs and fast, efficient searching abilities that include multi-selecting classifications and tags. You'll also now be able to allow for online cancellations for Programs by Offering with new attendance settings.

Enhanced program details and history from the profile view

Users can now easily see the details for their upcoming programs from the enhanced layout on their profile. This view shows upcoming programs, program history, and cancellation options.


Set and Display Instructors for your Programs

Let your users know who is leading their class! We've added the ability set and display instructors for both programs by schedule and by offering. Have a sick instructor and need a sub? Substitutions are a breeze and can be added right from the instructor check-in page.

User Settings

Set Default Eligibility
for New Members

You can now set a default eligibility right from your member portal to ensure all new accounts are given the eligibility they need to purchase memberships. This will also be assigned to members whose eligibility was cleaned up via an import.

How to Configure Default Eligibility
Default eligibility settings

Gender is now a configurable
field in System Settings

We've made the gender field configurable for new accounts created in-person, which allows you to decide whether or not this field is required for new members. Gender will also no longer be required for locker sales.

How to Configure Gender Settings
Gender settings

Schedule Your Update

With a release that's packed with as many great features as this one, we expect a lot of clients will be eager to get their hands on it. Please bear with our DevOps team as they will respond to you as quickly as possible to schedule your update.

See the Features in Action!

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Fusion 3.9 Webinar Recording

Excited for these new features but want to see them in action first before you update? Watch our webinar recording where Kristi will take you through all of the new features available in 3.9.

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